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This is Prevention In A Post Modern World...

Malicious Software Prevention

By:  Steven Alexander

It is our fervent hope and wish that we had better news in this regard.  For the past 15 years, we have railed tirelessly against the malcontents that write malicious software.

Customers and others have said to me more than once; 'virus work is good for your business'.  No it's not.  What is good for my business is when my customers do not get their technology infected.  This unfortunately is easier said than done.  On any given computer that is badly infected, Technical Resource Management Company may well have over (5) hours invested in the computer to certify it 100% clean and virus free.  It is impossible and very bad business to charge (5) hours to clean a computer and consequently a much lower fee must be applied.  It is easy to see why we are not fond of malicious software authors.  These criminals cause and leave extensive financial and emotional damage in their wake.

The big box companies that author commercial anti virus software are currently well behind the curve in this regard in my opinion.  Instead they should be leading the charge and focusing on prevention instead of detection.  Our model is and always been one of prevention.  It does little good once the malicious software is already on your hard drive.  The technology used today to detect a virus 'signature' in a file is not much different than the technology employed 15 years ago!  I would call that well behind the curve.

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