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Web Site Resources & Search Engine Optimization

By Steven Alexander

Web Design & Marketing (SEO)

Who wants their website to be listed first in a Google® or Yahoo® search, raise your hand! This is simultaneously a common requirement and difficult to achieve reality.  Any SEO that guarantees your website first place placement on an everyday, regular basis, run!  (this does not include sponsored or pay for link placement conditions). 

The web design process and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are children of the same parent.  They do not exist in isolation and the analogy that can be used to illustrate the point is modern day quality control.  In the old days, quality control used to mean manufacturing a product, from start to finish, and the quality control was conducted at the end of the manufacturing process.  In modern quality control processing, each and every process is subject to extensive, daily continuous improvement.  When each and every process within the overall manufacturing process is continually improved, it is easy to see how 'continuous quality improvement' is actually built into the product at every step. 

Effective web design and search engine optimization (SEO) adopt the same principles, attributes, and mindset as post modern continuous quality control.  They are one in the same.