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This Is Detection In A Post Modern World...

Malicious Software Detection

By:  Steven Alexander

Malicious software detection; the matter at hand.  There are television commercials that claim a computer system can be 100% cleaned up with a single click of the mouse along with $49.95.  Unfortunately this claim appears to be somewhat of a stretch.  First of all, how can any web based software application guarantee that it has a certifiable cleaned computer?  It cannot. 

The problem lies in the fact that many variants of malicious software have the ability to 'hide themselves' and cloak their presence along with the ability for reliable detection and elimination. 

Let's take an average computer with the usual software programs installed, a couple hundred pictures, a handful of documents, a couple of gigabyte's of music, and user programs for running a business.  We may easily have 250,000+ separate files on the hard drive in this case.  That is a quarter of a million files.  Of course not all of which are capable of carrying a virus payload, but it is easy to see the problem of (1) infected file hiding or evading detection.  It only takes (1) file to spawn further infection in the future.  This is why a 100% certifiable clean hard drive is most critical.